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My Most Recent Home Renovation Project: Before & After

If you know me, then you know how much I love home improvement projects. I used to think I was going to put them on hold when Remi was born, but that wasn’t the case. If anything, being home and off work made me want to renovate even more!

The big projects this spring/summer (as you might have seen in my stories) was the bathroom renovation and replacing all of our windows. In this blog post, I’ll dive into all the products we’ve utilized in our new bathroom reno, so you can snag the links and get inspired for whatever home project you’re gearing up for!

The bathroom we decided to renovate was not set up well initially. There was a shower that we never used, and although having another full bath does help with home value, we don’t plan on selling this place anytime soon (if ever)! In the middle of the room, there was a door separating the toilet from the rest of the bath, and it felt super closed off. The door also made it super hard to use the restroom in the first place! The closer we looked at the bathroom, the more we realized that the tile and trim were just poorly done overall. Since this is the bathroom that everyone uses when guests are over, we realized it was time for a change.

First, we tore out the wall with the shower, and made it into one big room. This alone made such a difference! We went with a pale green tile for the walls, and a cream colored tile for the flooring. I am totally obsessed with the finished look of it.

From there, it was just a matter of getting the right pieces to fill the space.








Sometimes the littlest details make the biggest difference. If you’ve been thinking of renovating, or you’re just wanting a new look for your bathroom, try getting new hardware! I loved the look of what we had going so far, but I knew that hardware would completely uplevel the vibe of the room. Here’s what we decided for our hardware:

Vanity Hardware

Towel Holder

Toilet Paper Holder



The last little details, were the hand towels, a vintage stool, a faux plant, and some art I stole from my office. You can find the link to them here:

Artwork HERE and HERE

Vintage Stool

Hand Towels

These totally completed the look! I’m so excited for this project to finally be 100% finished, and for us to have a bathroom that I really love every time I use it.

Shortly after we decided on the bathroom project, we decided to replace the windows! They are Andersen brand, and we went with black aluminum with grids! If you’re looking for windows, they have a great selection.

You can watch a before and after of the entire project by heading over to my Instagram here.

Since these two projects are close to complete, we're already planning the next. We’re taking a little break and not jumping into anything immediately, but I can’t help but have something else on the radar when we are ready for another renovation. Our next project will most likely be renovating our guest house to be turned into an Airbnb! I love the potential of this project, because I get to design a whole space for others to love and appreciate. That feels so special to me, not to mention the investment opportunity of it!

Here’s to another finished project! Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this blog post, I would love to start sharing the details of my home projects with you if that’s something you’re interested in reading.



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