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Which Preset is Best for You

Are you considering investing in presets?

Are you:
- At the beginning of your photography journey and lightroom looks like a beast?
- Wanting to cut down on your editing time?
- Working on honing in on your personal editing style and just can’t seem to grasp it?
- Ready to change things up after being in the game for a while?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it sounds like it’s time to invest! Presets are a great way to build a solid editing foundation. Not only do they give you a place to start, but they let other creatives who have come before you help you skip over some of the mistakes they made!

Trust me, it’s been over a decade, and I’m still learning.

When I pivoted into selling presets, I never thought I would end up where I am today. Years ago I had friends ask for them, and when I released my first pack, I truly thought I might sell 100? Mayyyybe? Man was I wrong! Presets have become a HUGE piece of my business. Why? Because they’re SUCH a valuable resource, and I’ve spent years figuring out how to provide them for thousands of photographers.

One thing I notice in the world of photography, is that many preset packs take the life out of photos. Or they alter skin tones in a way that looks unrealistic. Or give a trendy, overp-processed look that won't stand the test of time. If you’re tired of the over processed, unnatural look, then it’s time to meet your new BFFs.

But how do you know what preset pack is right for you? Let’s dive into the styles of each pack and learn more!

Pack One: With this being the original pack, it can often get looked over, but it truly is timeless, and fits a variety of photography styles! I like to describe my original pack as clean, crisp, and bold. In this pack you’ll find clean whites, rich blacks, and natural tones. The contrast is bumped a little on this pack, and you’ll fall in love with the earthy greens and creamy skin.

Pack Two: I love this collection, because they have a film vibe. This pack is known for muted highlights, a touch of warmth, teal blues and a light grain. This pack would be great if you’re headed toward more of a vintage/retro style brand!

Pack Three: If you’re looking for natural, golden, and effortless, then Pack Three has your back. This collection includes natural colors with a hint of warmth, lush greens, golden skin tones, clean whites and rich blacks. This pack was my favorite for the longest time, and overall the golden tones just shine through.

Pack 4: This pack is for sure my new favorite. I’m obsessed with how versatile this pack it, leaving room for whatever your photography style! With clean whites, natural skin tones, and beautiful grain for that hint of film, this pack screams nostalgic timelessness. Regardless of where you’re headed in your photography journey, Pack Four can stand the test of time.

Each preset pack contains 6 color presets, 2 black and white presets, and an editing tutorial, so you’ll know exactly how to implement the ones you choose into your editing process. Whatever pack you go with, you’ll see your time editing productivity increase, as well as your overall consistency of your style improve.

Shop all my presets HERE! Use code 15FORYOU for 15% off any pack! 

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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