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3 Signs It Might Be Time To Pivot

Since I officially closed my books, I’ve had photographers asking me how I knew it was time to step away from photography and dive full force into education.

After having almost a full year to reflect on the transition I made out of shooting and into educating, I wanted to write down some thoughts on the topic in hopes it will give you an idea of when it may be time to make a change in your business.

Here are 3 signs it might be time to pivot:

You aren’t as passionate about what you’re doing.
Let me be clear, you won’t always wake up with butterflies about work or be dreaming about it all the time. But, I think there should be some sort of excitement when it comes to what you spend most of your life doing. If you know the spark is fading and your work isn’t lighting you up anymore, it’s time to re-evaluate.

It doesn't serve your personal life.
If you are starting to feel really guilty about the time work is taking from your family, or you notice you are missing out on more things than you’d like to be a part of then it’s time to make a change. Work is important, but it’s not the MOST important. I should stop here and say that I know not everyone has the luxury of choosing the hours they work. There are certainly times when we have to sacrifice for the bigger picture. There is a time to hustle, and there is a time when it makes more sense to step back. This varies person to person, and depends on a variety of circumstances. At the end of the day, you have to figure out what is best for you and the ones you love.

You find yourself dreaming about something else.
At one point I was making time to shoot and making time to educate. Eventually, my passion for education outgrew my passion to be photographing full-time. Don’t get me wrong, I still love picking up my camera, but my passions shifted after I got a taste of what it was like to teach others what I wish someone would have taught me. If you find yourself in a similar spot, dreaming about what you “could be doing” maybe it’s time to take the jump and do it!

Everyone’s situation is different, but if there are thoughts of pivoting in your head, there’s probably a good reason. Think about what direction you want to go, and start exploring. You never know what could come of it!

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