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Q. Do the presets work for jpeg files?

A. Yes! While we recommend shooting and editing in RAW for best results with any presets, they will work on jpeg files, sometimes they just require a little more tweaking.

Q. My download link expired. How do I get access to the files?

A. The link to download the products expires after 24 hours of purchase (so be sure to download your files right away AND save them somewhere on your computer). Keep in mind that although the link expires, the products don't expire, and if you've previously downloaded them, it's likely they're still in your downloads folder. If you've lost all files, email with your order number and we can refresh your download.

Q. Can you test the presets on my images before I purchase?

Yes, feel free to join our Facebook group where a community of users can help! Click here

Q. Why can’t I install the Lightroom Toolkit brush presets like in the installation video?

The reason is because you’re on Lightroom CC, which is a simplified version of Lightroom. And since it is so new, it doesn’t have a lot of features that Lightroom Classic CC has. One of the features it is lacking is brush tools (as well as others like the tone curve and split toning). These are all essential tools in editing and I highly recommend switching to the Classic version that has these features so that you’re able to use the toolkit. You can easily switch to Classic by going to your Adobe Creative Cloud account and finding Lightroom Classic CC and clicking “install”.

Q. How do I install the presets?

A. The presets come with an installation guide with detailed instructions. If you still can't figure out how to install them, youtube has a ton of videos that are helpful!

Q. Can the presets be used in Lightroom Mobile?

Yes! With the new update, you’re able to install presets from your computer into the mobile app. The presets should sync to your app via the cloud.

Q. Will the presets work on my photos?

I've found that these presets work on 99% of images! They were tested on all different camera gear, lighting situations, scenery, skin tones, etc.! My main focus was to create presets that were versatile and would work for everyone!

Q. Can I get a refund if I don't like them?

Unfortunately no. Due to the nature of these being a digital product that can’t be returned, all sales are final. However, I would love to help you figure out how to make the presets work for you if you're not satisfied. 

Q. I have an old pack, are these the same?

Anything that came out before January 1, 2018 has been discontinued. Pack One was released January 1, 2018 and Pack Two was released January 2019. All presets in these packs are new and unique from the old packs.

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