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4 Branding Tips for Photographers from a Professional Designer

I can confidently say my business would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for the time spent creating a unique brand.

Obviously, our business goes beyond what logos, typefaces and colors we use but having cohesive branding is what makes businesses recognizable. When I decided to transition my branding to a more elevated feel, I knew I wanted help from an expert, which is when I met Morgan from Studio Antheia.

We took what was once a more playful, adventurous brand style and transitioned it to be mature, elevated and sleek. 

I know everyone is not in a place to outsource branding to a professional, so I asked Morgan to help me create a toolkit that could help you with everything you'd need to brand (or re-brand) your business. The Brand Kit is officially in the shop and it's one of our most valuable resources!


I'll share more about The Brand Kit in a bit, but for now here are 4 tips Morgan shared for how to up-level your branding as a photographer without outsourcing to a brand designer:

  1. Create a Brand foundation so that you are still making intentional design choices

Take the time to find out who you’re serving, what elements of your personality you’d like to incorporate into your brand, and how you want people to feel when they see your brand. This will be the bedrock as you build develop your In The Brand Course (inside of Rise Photo Academy) Morgan walks you through a series of questions to help you create your own brand foundation.

  1. Pick a color palette and font family that reflects your brand foundation

If you’re an adventurous elopement photographer, for example, you could choose colors that will attract people who love adventure and nature. Usually that means a mixture of earthy colors. If your style is more editorial and high fashion, you could choose a font family that is clean and sharp with colors that are more neutral and timeless. Pinterest is a great place to get inspired for your brand style.

  1. Keep it simple!

This is a huge tip that might seem easy, but can actually be very difficult. The less you add to your graphics and designs the more clear your message will be. You don’t want clients getting confused on what exactly you’re trying to communicate. Less is more! 

  1. Utilize design templates and resources like Canva, Creative Market, Tonic Site Shop

There are so many great online resources for creating graphics, fonts, and assets you can use to brand your business.

If you want more tips from Morgan join Rise Academy to watch The Brand Course!

If you're ready to change your branding today, grab one of our most valuable products in the shop, The Brand Kit!

In this 80 page kit, my personal brand designer, Morgan, and I take you through everything you need to create a solid, unique, polished brand. Through education, visual examples, worksheets, questions, resources, and templates, we help you dig deep in your brand foundation, and discover who you’re trying to reach and what problem you’re trying to solve. Then, we show you how to select colors, fonts, and logos that represent your brand well while teaching you how to implement them into designs!

Find out what templates are inside The Brand Kit HERE!

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