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Capturing Everyday Life As A Mom

In the midst of taking photos for your clients, don’t forget to capture some for yourself.

I think most photographers can agree, we have tens of thousands of photos of our clients, but very few of our own personal photos. When taking photos becomes your job, it can be easy to associate picking up your camera with work, and the last thing we want to do on our time off. But we know so well the value of capturing those special moments, and maybe we just need to reframe our thinking.

For me, pulling out my dSLR at home felt like a chore, so after recording The Film Course, I was inspired to pick up my film camera and start actually using it, not for work, but for everyday moments with my family.

In doing so, I’ve been keenly aware of how quickly my girls are growing up and I have found myself desperate to capture these fleeting moments. I don’t want to look back in ten years and have no evidence of the silly faces they make, the after school ice cream runs we took or them running through the sprinklers in the backyard. 

Sure, I have thousands of those on my phone camera roll that I will cherish forever, but there's something about film that makes those moments feel extra nostalgic. The beautiful colors and tones of film makes less than ideal light and a busy background seem irrelevant. It's taught me the importance of delayed gratification, how to be observant, and most importantly – how to slow down. Shooting film doesn't take me out of the moment, but somehow immerses me more into it. I'm not putting a screen in my face, or taking a hundred photos trying to find the perfect one, or needing to sneak away to my office to upload and edit them. 

So just remember, taking photos doesn’t have to take you out of the moment, pick up a film camera, disposable camera, polaroid, dSLR or even your phone and take the photos of the moments you want to relive – you’ll be thankful to have photos of your family and not just your clients 10 years from now.

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