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Encouragement to the Photographer who is Struggling

Hey you, I see you.

I see the days where you want to put your camera down and never pick it back up again.
I understand the struggle of not booking enough clients, when you’re just trying to do your best to stay afloat.
I see the hours you’re spending trying to find your niche and editing style.
I understand when the comparison game creeps in and you think you’re not good enough.
I see the momma who is trying so hard to balance that newborn and your biz.

To any of you photographers out there who are struggling, you aren’t alone. I see it all, because I’ve been there. I’ve dealt with every single one of these listed, and so many more that I didn’t write down.

I want to encourage you with a few things:

Don’t suppress your feelings during this time. What you’re feeling about your biz and abilities are valid, even if they aren’t the best feelings. If you need a minute to sit with the tears, let it out girlfriend… then let it go.

I want you to get up, brush yourself off, and remind yourself who you are.

The doubt you’re experiencing, and the struggles you’re going through, are just for this moment. You ARE a capable photographer.

You are gifted.
You are talented.
You are going to make waves in your world.
You are going to find balance again.

If you’ve felt any of these struggles, I encourage you to reach out and find a creative community who can support you. You need a biz buddy who can listen, and be a shoulder to cry on. Find those humans, and love them hard.

I am so proud of all you’ve been doing to pull yourself through this season.

You’re going to make it, just trust in the process.

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Hello world, i hope you always happy and naughty !!

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