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How to Build Engagement on Instagram

Instagram: the app we all tend to have a love-hate relationship with. Its perpetual evolution means that every time we open it, the algorithm, trends, and features have changed once again. While it can be discouraging to keep up, Instagram is an indispensable marketing tool that would be a disservice to neglect for our businesses. While it's not the only marketing platform I use, I simply couldn't sustain my business without it. 

If you're tired of spending excessive time on Instagram, not seeing any growth, confused by the algorithm, unsure of what to post, struggling to garner engagement, or wondering if your work is reaching your ideal clients, know that you're not alone.

I completely understand these frustrations. While Instagram can indeed feel overwhelming and confusing, there are straightforward methods to boost engagement, foster growth, and expand your reach to others.

Show Up

I know this may seem obvious, but the most effective way to gain traction on Instagram is simply to show up consistently.

Consistency is key to gaining traction on Instagram. Finding the right balance between living your life and sharing it with your followers can be challenging, but it's essential to show up in a way that feels authentic to you.

Ultimately, people connect with people, not just businesses. Sharing aspects of your life, showing your face, and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses helps build a deeper connection with your followers. When they see the human behind the brand, they're more likely to remain loyal.

This connection often leads directly to booking clients and cultivating a dedicated and engaged following.

Authenticity on Social Media

Take a moment to self reflect and consider what aspects of yourself you want to convey on social media. What makes you unique? What parts of your life feel relatable? How do you show up when you're around people you're comfortable with? 

Remember, there's no need to conform to a mold that doesn't align with who you are, or to emulate others' approaches just for the sake of popularity. Authenticity is key. By staying true to your genuine personality, you'll naturally attract followers and clients who resonate with your style and genuinely connect with you.

Invite your Community

Your audience is there for a reason and inviting them to be a part of your community will create loyal followers who feel connected to you.

Use the features Instagram gives you to engage with your followers: stories, polls, reels, captions, DMs, lives, question boxes, etc. When your followers have the opportunity to connect with you through something as simple as responding to a poll or asking a question in the question box they will feel more loyalty to you and your brand.


I know this whole post is about building engagement, but there are different forms. A lot of the time, we think of engagement as the number of accounts interacting with our content, but we actually need to first focus on how much effort we’re putting into engaging with our followers.

Ask yourself, are you replying to DMs, answering comments, replying to stories, and engaging with others' content? Not only will proactive engagement help boost your stats and beat the algorithm but it will build genuine connection with your followers.

I don’t have any hacks that will magically boost your following by 10k overnight.  Growing your following on Instagram is a gradual process that requires time and effort. However, I assure you that if you consistently implement these tips, you'll witness remarkable growth on Instagram.

To dive deeper into growing your platform, connecting with your audience and using Instagram for marketing, check out The Instagram Course in Rise Photo Academy.

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