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What Does Your Photography Business Need Right Now? Take the Quiz!

Sometimes running your own business, creating your own brand, and actually doing the photography part on top of it all can become extremely intimidating and overwhelming. Not to mention balancing your personal life too.

I totally get it. That’s part of the reason I stepped back from full-time photography and started Rise Photo Academy, this blog, and this business to help you grow your photography business.

Sometimes I really do miss being behind the camera more, but it is such a joy to get to help you in your photography journey.

That being said, I know the feeling that can confront you when you’re wearing all the hats and juggling everything at once, trying to get all the tasks on your to-do list done. When I start to get overwhelmed by everything I need to do or by the various places my business should grow, sometimes I do the worst thing possible: nothing.

There are so many avenues that you could focus on, and I am totally guilty of trying to tackle too many aspects of my business at once. But let me tell you that your photography business will be so much more successful if you focus on improving one aspect at a time.

Do you need help achieving the edits you've been hoping for?

To master your camera settings and shooting in manual?

Branded guides to send to your clients?

Legal contracts to protect yourself and your client?

Fresh inspiration for posing clients in a natural way?


I hope you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions. Even if you answered ‘yes’ to more than one of those questions, and still feel overwhelmed by what you need most, I have a solution for you.  

Trying to figure out where to start or what tools you need can be the hardest part. That’s where I step in. 

I created a quiz to help you discover what your photography business needs most  right now (especially as Black Friday sales are quickly approaching). But, this quiz can be used whenever you feel like you need some focus on where to go in your business and brand. 

There are dozens of resources in my shop that I created especially to help you, but they’re no use if you don’t even know where to begin. 

I’ve taken everything from the DC shop and created an easy quiz to help you know exactly what you need. You just have to answer a couple questions to find out what resource is best for you.

CLICK HERE to take the quiz!

Once you complete the quiz you'll get a bonus "The Annual Planning Guide" - a guide I created with my 5 step framework to plan my year ahead. 

I promise, your business is worth investing in. I truly hope these tools help you invest in your business in a meaningful way and set you up for success in the coming year!

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