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What's In My Camera Bag

Some of the questions I get asked the most are “what do you shoot with?” “what’s your favorite lens?” “do you have any suggestions for a good camera for someone starting out?” so I figured it’s about time I lay it all out for you.

While it’s great to know what’s out there, and quality gear is important, just because you like someone’s work, doesn’t mean you need to be shooting with the exact same gear. Or that it’s the camera that got them those results. If you have the creative eye and camera knowledge, you could be crushing it with a point and shoot, while someone with no experience could be taking poor photos with a top of the line camera! If you handed me the best paintbrush on the market, I wouldn’t be able to paint you a masterpiece. So keep that in mind when thinking about gear - they are just tools, not the solution!


Nevertheless, here’s what’s in my bag!

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 35Lii

Canon 50L

Canon 85L

Canon 135L

Yongnuo 568exii Flash

India Earl x Rose Anvil Harness

Portable Speaker

SD and CF card cases

Kamrette Backpack

Here’s how I use these items for different occasions:

1. Portrait Sessions

I like to keep things simple on portrait sessions. Often times I’m doing a lot of walking and moving, so the last thing I want is to be lugging around a ton of gear. Throughout the entire shoot, I’m typically only using my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Canon 35Lii. I always bring backup gear just in case, so I usually also have my Canon 5D Mark III with my 50L but it’s rare that I use it. I always bring extra cards and batteries with me, and play music either off my phone or with my portable speaker!

2. Weddings

I bring all my gear with me in my Kamrette!

Typically on my person throughout the day is my India Earl x Rose Anvil strap, with my Mark IV + 35L on one hip, and my Mark III + 85L on the other. While I still shoot primarily with my Mark IV + 35L combo, I love having my 85L as an option as well! I rely on it heavily during first look, ceremony, toasts, and special dances. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes I’ll throw on my 50 for detail shots, portraits, etc. and depending on venue, sometimes I’ll use my 135 to get some closer shots during ceremony. These two don’t get used as often, but they’re nice to have as options if I need them!

The only time I use flash is during wedding receptions (or in rare cases where an indoor venue is really dark and I need it throughout the day). I avoid using flash until absolutely necessary and if I can, use ambient light up until the dance floor.


Like I said, while nice gear is great, knowing how to use whatever gear you’re working with is what really matters! The Complete Guide to Camera Settings breaks down all the components of your camera and what all the settings really mean, then walk you through how I shoot and share the exact settings I use in all different scenarios. I also offer tips and settings for tricky shooting situations like harsh light, low light, flash, sparkler exits, dancing, etc. Just for making it to the end of this blog post, here’s a code for 10% OFF. Use WHATSINMYBAG at checkout for the discount! 

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