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Your Best Is Enough – A Recent Motherhood Moment I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Six years ago, I was traveling all over the country, every weekend, capturing weddings and elopements. I had all the freedom in the world to pour all I had into my couples.

Photography has always been something that was super easy to say ‘yes’ to. I love traveling, I love being creative, and I love capturing weddings and intimate moments. When it came time for Tommy and I to begin talking more seriously about our family plans (fairly soon into our marriage), I wasn’t sure how motherhood and entrepreneurship would co-exist.

To be honest, I still don’t always know how to let the two co-exist.

But here’s what I have learned along the way:

Entrepreneurship is hard, and so is motherhood. That doesn’t mean they both aren’t beautiful – they certainly are. But recognizing the hardship in them allows us to remember that we’re only human + it’s not going to be perfect.

My best is enough. And so is yours.

Here’s an example of my best lately. Six years ago, I probably would’ve considered this a total fail of a day, but now I can see that I’m putting my best foot forward in two roles I love – CEO + Mom – and THAT is enough.

When the girls are at home during the summer, it feels almost impossible to sit down + work. Carving out 30 minutes for a meeting is tricky with three little girls who are depending on me nearly every minute.

The other day, I made time for a meeting (with a baby on my lap, of course). A little ways into the meeting, I realize that Remi had a blowout – a literal sh*t show, Lol.

I hopped out of the meeting to go change her, and came back ready to conquer the rest of the meeting.

In that moment, it could have been super easy to feel defeated in one or both of my roles. I wasn’t able to give my fullest attention to my team or work, but I also wasn’t able to give my full attention to my kids either.

But instead, I decided to remember that I’m only a human. When other people give us permission to be imperfect, we also have to extend the same permission slips to ourselves.

Dawn 6 years ago would not understand how it’s so difficult to make time for a 30 minute meeting on any given day. But here I am now, thankful to be able to juggle two roles that bring out the best in me – just maybe not at the same time!

The balance of these two roles is something I’ve forever figuring out, but my biggest advice to you working mama’s is this:

Your best is enough. In your hard moments, trust that you’re enough.

I can’t believe I’m saying this now, but I’m sure there will be a day I’d trade out a blowout to have some kids still running around the house keeping me from being the slightest bit productive.

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