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2022 Launches In Review

2022 has been FULL of launches and celebrations!

If you’re not on my email list you may have missed what’s new around the DC shop and Rise Photo Academy. I always bring my Instagram community up to speed on launches too, but as we all know it can be really easy to miss things in the feed these days (thanks Instagram algorithm).

I thought I would just do one big round up to bring you up to speed on launches that have happened in 2022 so you can find all the good stuff in one place. Kicking things off with our first launch in January!

We rebranded and redesigned Rise Photo Academy!
We transitioned to quarterly course launches in order to dive deeper into specific topics. We also created more resources to help you along your business journey! It was time for a new look, and I’m so glad we were able to revamp everything in Rise this year.

Q1 Rise Course: The Fundamentals of Photo Course
I had a blast creating this course and getting back to the basics of capturing a quality photo. We sell this course individually as well so anyone can access it! This course is for the seasoned photographer AND the everyday person who is interested in leveling up their photo taking skills.

The Charles family grew by one!
Ok not a business launch, but this feels too important not to mention? Little Remi Jean Charles joined our family on January 23rd, and we’re still over the moon about her. Plus, I was able to take a 3 month maternity leave which was much needed (if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how important rest can be).

Q2 Rise Course: The Instagram Course
A 9 module course and 20+ page workbook all filled with lessons I’ve learned navigating Instagram as a creative over the years. I saw so many people getting frustrated with the algorithm, I wanted to provide a glimmer of hope and teach you how to connect with the right people on Instagram. You can find this course inside of Rise!

The DC Mobile Presets in a whole new way!
It was time the mobile preset packs got an upgrade. In July we refreshed all 3 packs with slightly new edits and brand new names. Aspen, Sage and Juniper mobile presets are all in my shop and better than ever!

Q3 Rise Course: The Client Experience Course
Yet another course that I wish I had when I first started photography. In my 13 years of photographing clients I’ve learned that it’s more than the photos you take, but the experience you provide. This course is jam-packed with systems to ensure your clients feel taken care of.

The Posing Deck: Couple’s Edition hit the DC Shop!
This was a product unique from anything I’ve launched before and it might just be the most practical. This is a 200+ digital card deck full of posing prompts for your couple’s sessions. It’s divided into 5 categories to make posing easy for you and for your couples!

Q4 Rise Course: The Passive Income Course
If there’s one thing that has completely changed my business and the way I make money, it’s passive income streams! As other photographers start to look for additional ways to make revenue, I wanted to spill everything I’ve learned on the topic with this Rise exclusive course, and that’s exactly what I did!

DC Preset Pack Five
After 1.5 years of waiting I finally released my newest (and by far most unique) preset pack yet! It’s versatile, intuitive and effortless with modifiers that help you customize your edits to your preference. It offers a timeless, beautiful and neutral edit that I can not get enough of!

That’s a wrap on my 2022 course launches, but I still have one more surprise up my sleeve… BLACK FRIDAY! As you know we celebrate hard around here, so be on the lookout for the amazing deals (on all of these products) coming up soon!

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