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The First (and Most Valuable) Investment You Can Make As An Entrepreneur

It seems like everywhere we turn we’re seeing things we “need” to invest in as a business owner. There are constantly new applications, software, and digital downloads that will make your operations a “breeze.” As someone who has been through several tools, there is one in particular I will continue to stand by – HoneyBook.

When I was first starting my photography business, I struggled to know what was actually worth spending money on. Let alone the time it takes to learn a brand new software or service.

If I’ve learned anything in the last several years of owning a business, it’s that I have to have a solid system when it comes to communicating, client management, scheduling, and invoicing. Thinking about all of those aspects of business together probably makes you cry inside, but thankfully HoneyBook houses each of those in a very user-friendly way.

HoneyBook is the most valuable investment I’ve made as an entrepreneur - hands down. My favorite aspect of using HoneyBook is how user-friendly it is. In terms of bookings, I organize all of my clients into their individual “projects” which makes organization easy. With HoneyBook’s pipeline feature, you’re even able to see where each client project is in the process (inquiry, booking, retainer paid, archive, etc).

Making sure everything is contracted and legally legit is a major key to proper business operations, but as a creative, the legal side of things isn't usually our expertise. HoneyBook makes it so easy to send and sign contracts, and keeps track of everything within each project. They provide contract templates that you can use as a starting point, that you can personalize, or you can input your own (psst...don't know how to create your own? I have contract templates created specifically for photographers, available HERE!). HoneyBook also provides templates and options for emails, questionnaires, and more! (If you don't know where to start with all this, check out my Client Toolkit where I walk you through all these steps, show you how to implement them, and provide you with copy and paste templates for everything you need within your client experience)

HoneyBook also has dedicated tools within the app to track your expenses, profit and loss overview, and financial reports. With easy integration to Quickbooks, you can have all your finances at your fingertips.

I could go on and on about the tools inside of HoneyBook that have made a positive impact on how I run my business. Using HoneyBook has saved me stress, and SO much time! It’s a tried and true resource I couldn’t operate without.

If you’re tired of tracking things in a million places, and feeling disorganized when it comes to business, or you feel like your processes aren't very professional or streamlined for your clients (no more Venmo requesting clients for their wedding deposit!), you need to invest in HoneyBook. Using THIS LINK you can get 50% off your first year!

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