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4 Of My Goals for 2023

How is it already 2023??

I’m pretty sure every year I’m stunned at how quickly time flies. I’m not sure if it’s watching my girls get bigger, myself getting older, or if it’s just being so busy I forget to stop and soak in the little things. Regardless, the new year is here and that means new goals!

I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes at the thought of “new year's resolutions,” but as overhyped as they may seem I still love goal setting at the start of the year. It feels like a fresh start! Plus, after the madness of the holidays, setting goals helps me get in the right headspace in all aspects of life.

This year, my goals look a bit different than they have in years past. With my business growing and my family’s schedule getting busier I realize that productivity matters. Time is more valuable than it’s ever been.

Here are 4 goals I’m setting for myself as we kickoff the new year:

Sticking to a schedule
I gotta be honest, I’m not the best at this. I tend to create a schedule and veer off of it as soon as something unexpected pops up. Not only do I have to stick to my schedule, but also manage the kids schedule with Tommy’s work schedule. This year, with the help of my friend and productivity guru, Hannah Murphy, I’ve set a schedule for work and life that feels doable. I’m so excited to be starting this year off with a new schedule and practical ways to stick to it!

Eating more whole foods
In 2022 I noticed the busier I got the more I grabbed a bar off the shelf for lunch rather than taking the time to make a nutrient dense meal. I let excuses get in the way of my nutrition and this year I’m excited to invest in meal services that will not only make my meals better, but quicker! I haven’t decided which company I’m going with quite yet, but I’ve had my eye on Sakara, Factor, and Hungry Root!

Improving my work flow
The new Rise course just dropped and it’s all about productivity. The course is full of productivity tips, workflows and online platforms that will help you maximize your schedule and take back your time! Since recording the course, I’ve already implemented some of the tips inside and it’s been game changing for me! You can check it out HERE!

Prioritizing self care
This shows up in a variety of ways! Saying no to more things if they aren't going to serve our family well. Drinking more water and fueling my body from the inside out. Less time in front of a screen and more time with the people I love. More sleep. More journaling, reading, stretching, and meditating. More asking for help. More addressing health issues and putting in the work to make changes.

My word for the year is INTENTIONALITY. I am striving to be more intentional with my time and what I devote it to. More intentional with my relationships and quality time. More intentional with my thoughts and words. More intentional with how I balance work and personal life. And more intentional with how I treat my body.

There ya have it – some of my goals for 2023! I share these in hopes it gives you some inspiration to set time aside this week to set goals of your own. Why not start the year thinking about what you can do to improve your life, and your business!

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