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3 New Contract Templates For Photographers

Introducing brand new DC Contract Templates made especially for photographers by a lawyer you can trust.

  1. The Virtual Assistant Contract 

  2. The Second Shooter Contract

  3. The Associate Shooter Contract 

After a really busy 2022, where I felt myself on the edge of burnout from launching new products left and right, I decided it was time to take a look at the DC Shop and focus on creating additions or upgrades to products that already exist.

The Original DC Contracts launched in 2021 and consisted of 3 important contracts for photographers to use with their clients: The Wedding Photography Contract, The Portrait Session Contract and The Mutual Rescission Termination Contract. These contracts are the exact ones I use and are so helpful if you’re in need of solid contracts that will protect you as you’re booking with clients.

These previously launched contracts focus on setting yourself up for success legally when it comes to working with clients. These three contracts are sold individually or as a bundle. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Portrait Session Contract works for any type of portrait session from couples sessions to seniors, family, maternity, newborn & more.
Includes a model release, payment information, cancelation agreements, deliverables, copyrights, protection in case of file loss & lots more.

The Wedding Photography Contract works for any type of wedding & elopement. Includes a model release, payment information, cancelation agreements, deliverables, copyrights, protection in case of file loss & lots more.

The Mutual Rescission Termination Contract nulls any prior agreements in case of terminating a previous contract by either party.

While these client contracts continue to be important, it's also important to have contracts in place as your business grows. That's why I decided to launch contracts for those of you who are in the initial stages of outsourcing tasks within your business. Introducing, 3 new DC Contract Templates.

The Virtual Assistant Contract

If you have a virtual assistant taking some of the administrative workload off of your plate, but have yet to establish a contract this was made for you. From compensation to schedule and responsibilities this contract leaves nothing out.

The Second Shooter Contract

It’s may seem easier to DM someone and ask them to shoot a wedding with you and give them some cash on the side, but it’s not the *best* way to hire a second shooter. In fact, it can lead to a lot of trouble down the road. Trusting another photographer to capture photos that will be in your client’s gallery is a big responsibility. And big responsibilities come with big risks. This contract ensures you will have all of your bases covered when it comes to hiring second shooters.

The Associate Shooter Contract

Last but not least a contract for your associate shooters. Being in two or three places at once isn’t exactly doable, but with an associate team, you can get pretty close! Having a team of trusted photographers you can send to shoots on your behalf is a great catalyst for business growth! As with second shooters, having an associate team comes with risks…

What if they don’t show up?

What if they misrepresent your brand?

What if they don’t deliver what was required?

What if they lose the images?

You can use The Associate Shooter Contract to establish clear guidelines, deliverables and expectations to your associate photographer(s). After all, clarity is kind!

The truth is you can scrape by without a contract until something happens and it’s too late. I can’t stress the importance of investing in quality contracts so you aren’t investing in damage control later on. 

Did you know the average rate to hire a contract lawyer to write a contract for you is $150-$500/hour?! And most comparable photography contract templates go for $300-500. While those numbers still pale in comparison to the cost of something going wrong without a contract, they can still be pretty speedy, especially if you need multiple contracts. 

We created these to be some of the most affordable options on the market, while still being just as legitimate and thorough. Bundle DC Contracts to save with an automatic BOGO 20% off discount applied upon check out.

Take the stress off by bundling DC Contract templates and adjusting them to fit your business. We took the heavy lifting so you could be legally sound and happily protected! 

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