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What Photographers Are Saying About DC Presets

Is it possible to be in a honeymoon stage over launching new products? If so, I’m totally in it.

One month ago I updated DC Presets Packs One through Five and looking back, I’m beyond glad I did. I refined the Desktop, LUTs and Mobile Presets to be easier to use and reflect editing styles that are up to date, true to life and as timeless as ever.

If you had already purchased any DC Preset Packs prior to the updates, you got the new updated version for free delivered straight to your inbox! It was only fair that your investment in presets from the start was honored. I want these presets to grow with your business and your style.


Next to completely revamping the base, one of the biggest changes that I made to each pack was the addition of modifiers. If you aren’t familiar, using modifiers allows you to selectively enhance and correct your edits with one click instead of messing with a bunch of sliders. Along with each base preset, you’ll receive 31 modifier presets like “pop”, “subtle”, “filmy”, “hazy” “creamy” multiple skin correctors, green correctors and many more! Not to mention, two black and white presets, an informational PDF with tips and tricks, a "Watch Me Edit" video unique to each pack, and the "Mini Editing Course".

“The modifiers are seriously a game changer! I’ve never been able to make other presets feel like my style, but the sliders help a ton!” - Katie

If you’ve been eyeing all five packs and you’re at a loss about which one fits your style best, I would highly recommend taking the DC Preset Quiz! This quiz was designed by me to help you narrow down which pack fits your preferences based on your answers. 



Find out what pack is right for you by clicking HERE! And if you want to go through the before and afters of each pack side-by-side, you can browse the Pack Comparison gallery by clicking HERE.

I am so grateful for the community of photographers who use DC Presets and continue to share the love for these timeless edits. I love a million things about my job, but creating presets for all of you is near the top. 

Continue to share your before and afters with the presets by tagging @dcpresets on socials or emailing us with your review. 

Can’t wait to hear what you think of your DC Preset Pack!

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