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Which DC Preset Pack is Right For You?

Have you been eyeing DC Presets, but still not sure what pack is right for you? 

I wanted to take a minute to bring you up to speed on the 5 different DC Preset Packs and a bit of my vision when creating them. Hopefully one of these packs will stick out to you and you’ll finally be able to create the cohesive edits you’ve been looking for! 

Before we dive into each pack, I just wanted to remind you that you can take my preset quiz for free to answer a series of questions and find out which preset style is right for you! The best part about taking the quiz, is that you’ll get a discount code for your preset purchase!

Keep in mind all DC Desktop Preset Packs include 1 base color preset, 2 B&W presets, 31 modifier presets to selectively enhance and correct your edits (ex. “pop”, “subtle”, “filmy”, “hazy”, “creamy”, multiple skin correctors, green correctors & more), a mini editing course, an “edit with me” video specific to each pack, and a PDF Guide that contains download and installation instructions, editing tips, and more.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each of the DC Preset Packs:


DC Preset Pack One

Creamy & Moody

This pack was created to bring you moody images with an earthy feel. Featuring crushed highlights, muted greens, rich shadows, and creamy colors this pack brings a warm, earthy look to any photo.


DC Preset Pack Two

Retro & Nostalgic

This film-like pack was created to bring a warm, hazy and bohemian look to your work. With an emphasis on green, gold, and blue hues these presets make photos look as nostalgic as they feel. 


DC Preset Pack Three

Earthy & Golden

This pack was created to make your photos look natural, while providing a warm, lush, earthy look. Featuring crisp whites, rich blacks, warm golden skin tones, and lush greens, these presets create an earthy but natural look throughout your work.


DC Preset Pack Four

Vibrant & Ethereal

This pack was created to accentuate your work with a filmy, ethereal look in just a few clicks. Featuring clean neutral greens, creamy highlights and true skin tones, this pack brings vibrance and freshness to your work with a nostalgic, editorial feel.


DC Preset Pack Five

Timeless & Natural

This pack is effortless, versatile and natural. It offers a beautiful, editorial style edit, while letting your image shine with clean crisp highlights, rich colors, and natural skin. These timeless, true-to-life edits will enhance the moment’s natural beauty without an overwhelmingly edited look, creating images that will truly stand the test of time.


Whew, we made it! After reading through each pack and seeing before and after images, which preset stood out to you?

Everyone always asks me what my favorite pack is, but to be honest I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite – I love them all! If I had to pick at this moment, I’d probably go with a tie between Pack Four and Pack Five! I love how dreamy and ethereal Pack Four is, but I also love how clean and natural Pack Five is!

Questions about presets? I would love to chat! Feel free to reach out to me and we’ll get you on track to finding a preset that works great with your images. 

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