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Automating Your Client Workflow

Do you have a specific workflow for your clients? One that’s set in stone, ready to go for when you get another booking?

Let’s be real, there’s no reason to be spending all day in your email responding to questions. Yes, client communication is crucial, but if you want your business to be scalable, you HAVE to streamline. This is where a set-in-stone, automated workflow comes in.

Personally, I use Honeybook to automate! It’s the easiest way to upload templates and keep client communication all in one place. (Plus it lets you know when they’ve read your message, which I think is pretty great!) In Honeybook you can set up templates to send your pricing guide, questionnaires, invoices, contracts, and MORE. So many pieces of your workflow can be made once, and never touched again. Streamlining this process leaves you more time to invest in the real important stuff: like getting to know your clients.

Make sure you have to have a spot in your workflow specifically put aside to hear your client's story. Knowing who they are, how they met, and what they want out of their session (among many other things) is going to bring out the natural, beautiful pieces of their love. Ask them to tell you stories. What they love. How they found you. No question is off-limits if it helps you showcase who they are during their session or their special day.

Interested in learning more about building your client workflow? Or are you wanting to know what to ask in your questionnaire? Well, I have the resources for YOU!

Click HERE to get your hands on my new Client Toolkit, an all in one resource walking you through how I build out my workflow for each client and give you all the tools you need along the way! We're talking full step by step workflow, contact form template, email templates, questionnaires, wedding timeline templates, and a video walking you through how to implement it all in HoneyBook!

I got you, friend!

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