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Posing Tips

Earlier this month I did a poll on my stories of what you all wanted to learn about posing your couples…. And WOW you all had a lot of questions! So below are a few of your most popular questions, answered!

“I go blank in my sessions without my list in front of me! Help!”

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. Take pictures on your camera of either your prompt list, or poses you want to emulate during the session! That way, when you need a refresher on what direction you’re headed, you just have to glance down at your camera. No more fumbling with another paper or your phone, and your couples never have to know you’re referencing a list!

“How do I word prompts for couples to evoke emotion?”

Now this one goes back to getting to know your couples. When you have a deep understanding of your couples story, their personalities, and what makes them unique, the wording for prompts come naturally. Make sure that you have a questionnaire built into your session timeline, with plenty of time to absorb it yourself.

For example, say something like “run towards each other and hug like you did when you would see each other in the airport after months apart” or "think about the time you first knew you loved each other".

Using pieces of their love story for prompts will take your couples back to those moments, and I promise, the emotion will flow through the photos!

“How do I get organic laughter?”

Ok, this is a fun one for sure! My best advice is to first use the info above, make sure you have cultivated an environment where they feel comfortable and that they're having fun. This means being personable, breaking the ice, playing music, and giving them prompts that are fun! Like give a piggy back ride and try to buck your partner off, or slingshot each other back and forth. These types of actions tend to lead to laughter, especially if your subjects feel comfortable and loosened up!

Then make sure you’re laughing with them. Nothing is more awkward when you tell a couple to laugh and then you stand there awkwardly. Also don’t be afraid to ask them to "give me a big fake laugh" on cue! A lot of times, the fake laughs turn into real ones really quick!

Okay friend, that’s all for today! There were so many more questions, and I promise they’ll all be answered soon. Stay tuned for more posing info and tips!!

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