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My Top 5 Shooting Locations

The other day, I shared my top FIVE shooting locations, and so many of you were pumped to get new location inspo. I couldn’t help but put a blog post together with what each of those 5 locations has to offer AND pictures of each!

You’re gonna want to keep reading, friend!

There are stunning photo options wherever you go, but without further ado, here are my top 5… are ya ready?!

Imperial Sand Dunes, CA

Can we just talk about the beauty that is our world? Visiting the Imperial Sand Dunes feels like you’re being transported to a whole other planet. I love the simplicity of the rolling dunes. It’s hard to believe that these are right here in California!

Cannon Beach, OR

Two words: Giant rock. The landscape on this beach is to die for. Think beach-meets-mountains vibe? Cannon Beach is one of my most frequented spots for couples sessions and elopements. I love shooting at the beach, and making my way down the street to Ecola State Park for some foresty spots and an overlook of the ocean!

Death Valley, CA

Another beautiful desert spot! Less sand, more mountains, but absolutely breathtaking nonetheless. The colors and variation in the rocks and mountains are incredible. Just remember to bring some extra water, because shooting here can be dehydrating in the summer months!

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

The flats are one of the most unique natural landscapes in Utah. Think salt… but for as far as the eye can see! I swear I’ve never seen anything like it before. Plus, it's easy to get to - RIGHT off the main highway! Make sure to plan ahead before you shoot here, summers can reach 100+ degrees and winters can end up in the sub-zeros!

Big Sur, CA

I’m a sucker for the mountains, and Big Sur for sure takes the cake. Without mountains on one side, and the Pacific on the other, and mix in some fog or a gorgeous sunset, it’s a photographer's dream.

One of my favorite parts of this career is visiting gorgeous places + continuing to add places to my dream list.

Check out your local photography groups/communities for recommendations. I promise you’ll be amazed at what the world around you has to offer! Be sure to follow the Leave No Trace guidelines to keep these places beautiful for others to enjoy!

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