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Everything You Need to Know About Rise Academy

Owning a photography business doesn’t mean just setting up a website and taking a bunch of pretty pictures. It means balancing a lot of titles! You’re not just a photographer, but a bookkeeper, social media manager, marketer, client relations manager and so much more. At times it can feel like a constant uphill battle, wondering when you’re finally going to feel confident in your business and your abilities.

A lot of entrepreneurs look to investment to take their abilities to the next level… but where do you start? There are thousands of courses spread across the internet, not to mention all the random youtube videos and blogs that you might stumble upon if you search the right thing. It can feel scary to try to choose the right one for you, especially if the price tag is high.

Some creatives will charge upwards of several thousand dollars for business education, and they have every right to charge what they believe their content is worth! Unfortunately not everyone can afford to pay that price. Many of us didn’t go to school for photography, and are in desperate need for affordable education that meets us where we are.

Imagine gaining access to simple, straight-to-the-point education so you never have to spend hours googling and searching for answers. Imagine an educational service with a community of creatives who are ready to be your biggest cheerleaders and are all reaching for the same goals you are. How would it feel to master all the skills you’ve been dreaming of? That way you can push forward and achieve all your goals and creative milestones. Wouldn’t it be cool to learn from creatives all over the country, who have excelled in their own fields time and time again… and want to invest in YOU? As well as monthly coaching calls to ask everything business related that’s on your mind?

This isn’t just something you have to imagine! I believe that investing in yourself and your business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It shouldn’t have to be difficult or scary. That’s why Rise Photo Academy was born.

Rise Academy is an online membership that brings education straight to wherever you are. It’s your all in one solution for building the career and life of your dreams, all for one affordable price. I like to think of it as a “Netflix for photographers”, where you can go at your own pace, and learn what you need at the moment you need it.

You’ll learn how to:
Build and manage a business.
Master your craft through camera settings, posing and editing.
Stand out with branding, marketing and client experience.
Streamline and scale through outsourcing and productivity.
And SO much more.

This is just the beginning, friend. New content is released every month in Rise, and we have some incredible guest speakers lined up over the next few months to share their expertise in fields like taxes and finances, graphic design, videography, photoshop, destination photography, ads and marketing, and so much more!

No more searching the internet for answers time and time again.
No more wishing for the right tools to level up.

It’s all here, for a price that makes sense for photographers, that’s designed to meet you right where you are in your journey.

If you’re:
A photographer, new or otherwise, who’s ready to grow.
Ready to elevate all areas of your craft and your business.
Longing for monthly access to a mentor though coaching calls.
Wishing for a creative community.

Then this is your sign.

I can’t wait for you to join the Rise Fam. Are you ready to dive in? CLICK HERE to get started!

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