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The Holidays as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and the holidays… let’s talk about it!

The holidays bring around a unique situation for photographers and creatives. For many of us, our business is our sole source of income. When we take time off, our business may stop making money. This leads to a lot of us not taking as much time off as we should - but realistically we should be doing the opposite.

When creativity is our career, it’s crucial that we get time away to recharge physically, mentally, and creatively. That’s the only way we're going to produce our best work.

But when we’re so used to hustling 24/7, where do we start?

Here are 5 things you should do to rest as an entrepreneur during the holidays this season.

1. Schedule your time away NOW - Trust me, the holidays are going to sneak up on you! Take a few days, a week, or even more if you need it. Knowing what days you aren’t working lets you prepare yourself and your clients for the time away.

Please know that it’s 100% ok if:
- Your books look emptier this month. It’s totally normal for December to be slow! The weather is weird and a lot of people are taking time off, so take advantage of it.
- Your response time to emails is slower. Consider adding a “Out of Office” message for the week so your clients know you’re away.
- You turn down work in order to rest. Your calendar doesn't have to be "booked" for you to be unavailable. Time for yourself is crucial to block off!

Your business will survive with a little time away and be there for you to pick things back up when you get back!

2. Turn off your screens - I don’t care if you have blue light blocking glasses… put your phone away! One of the ways our creativity dwindles is by the comparison game, and that’s hard to shake when we’re constantly scrolling and seeing other peoples work. Still want something to keep you entertained? Studies show it’s better to rest while watching a funny or uplifting show, rather than scrolling through social media. It helps your brain turn off and truly relax.

3. Prioritize time with friends and family - This one is a huge one for me this season. Not just because of the holidays, but because of Baby Charles #3 headed our way! I’m soaking up every moment, and you should too.

Now I know the pressure of being a photographer at family functions. Everyone expects you to be THEIR photographer. So why not break that stigma, and leave your camera at home this year? Capture all the memories on your phone instead of your camera, and treasure those imperfect, magical moments. This will relieve so much pressure!

4. Try something new creatively - Now I’m not talking about something that you can turn into part of your business. (Trust me, it’s a tendency for so many of us!) I want you to try something new that is just for you, NOT for your biz.

Maybe that means...
- Picking up a sketchpad
- Grabbing a paint brush
- Going on walks to soak up the beauty of nature
- Visiting an art museum
- Pulling out an old journal and writing

Whatever way you connect with your inner creativity, feed into that. We can only pour out as much as we pour in, and this is your time to truly pour into yourself without distractions.

5. Reflect on the year you’ve had - this might be one of the most important pieces of resting this holiday. We’ve all had a crazy few years, and we need time to process. Give yourself space to feel everything you need to feel, and be grateful for how far you’ve come.

I’ve watched so many of you grow and evolve into the creative you are meant to be. Not only do I love watching your journeys through the snippets you tag me in online, but I love getting to be a part of just a little piece of your growth. Know that you’ve come so far, but there’s so much farther to go. There is SO much coming. So many opportunities for change, and ways that we can reach our fullest creative potential. Let’s rest up this holiday season, and get ready for an amazing 2022.

I know it’s going to be incredible!

xo Dawn

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