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The New Rise Academy - Everything You Need To Know

Did you hear? Rise Photo Academy just got a makeover!

This is something that has been in the back of my mind for several months, and I finally decided that 2022 was the right time. Not too long ago I felt a nudge to go deeper. I loved where Rise was at, by providing practical and affordable photography and business education that meets you where you are.

But I knew there was more, so I took to the drawing board, and redid the framework of Rise.

First, Rise underwent a full rebrand - and I’m stoked. Anytime I rework or start a new project, the branding is one of my favorite things to come alive. Head on over to our website or our instagram feed to get a peek at the new visuals! (And a huge shoutout to my girl Morgan at Studio Antheia who has been doing all my design projects for the past 5+ years!)

Second, I wanted to be intentional with Rise. Not only in the educational aspect, but also in the community. With this makeover, Rise now has larger, more in depth courses released each quarter. These courses are designed with you in mind, and are paired with homework and downloadable resources to help you go deeper.

In terms of community - the Rise Facebook group and Instagram feed are also getting a facelift. These will be a place to connect, encourage, ask questions, and share what you’re working on in this season. This is because YOU are the center of everything Rise is, and no creative entrepreneur should have to go through this journey alone.

We also introduced a new pricing tier! You can now pay quarterly for your Rise membership, instead of just monthly and annually. This allows for even more savings!

Now you might be wondering, what are we learning in Rise this quarter? Well, it JUST launched, so here’s a peek into what’s inside:

Our new course, The Fundamentals of Photo course is all about the foundation. It’s designed to help you:

- Learn fundamentals of both phone and camera photography.
- Gain an understanding of different elements of photography, like aperture, shutter, and ISO, and how they work together in creating the final image.
- Find your footing in the foundational elements AND creative elements within photography (because you need both). We dive deep into backgrounds, lighting and composition.
- Learn my secrets to capturing everyday moments in a beautiful way.

This course comes with a workbook to guide you through the lessons, and help you retain the information, while reflecting on your photography journey.

You might be thinking, “Why is iPhone photography included?” Well the answer is simple.

You’re a photographer regardless of what camera you’re behind.

Many of the foundational aspects of photography are universal. It shouldn’t matter what kind of camera you have in hand! And truthfully? Sometimes it’s too much work to drag that DSLR around. Once we’re off the clock, the last thing we want to do is pull that camera back out again, but we DO want to capture all the little moments.

- Your kids playing together
- Your friends out to dinner
- The snow falling or the leaves changing
- Your baby's first moments
- The sunlight shining through your kitchen window

So you know what? We’re going to focus on the foundation, so you can take it slow and capture those memories - even with just an iPhone in hand.

But this course? It’s just the beginning. I’ve already begun mapping out what the next few years of Rise will look like, and I can’t wait for all that’s coming.

If you’re looking for a community of creatives that’s ready to cheer you on, and affordable education that meets you where you are, then know that there’s a seat for you here at the table. You can join (and cancel) at any time depending on where you’re at. Our memberships are super flexible - so there’s no long-term commitment required! (But of course, we hope you stick around!)

Ready to check it out? Use code BLOGREADER for $20 off any subscription you choose.

Your next level of business is waiting for you, it’s up to YOU to take the first step!


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