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Goal Setting For Quarter Two

After years of getting into the rhythm of setting business goals, I totally get the overwhelming feeling that comes from the thought of setting your camera aside, sitting down at your desk, and thinking through big-picture ideas.

Yes, I call myself a business educator and no longer spend all my days shooting, but it wasn’t long ago I was trying to find a balance between working in my business and working on my business.

There are a few guidelines for goal setting I want to make sure we’re clear on before I walk you through planning specific goals.

First off, don’t set goals for something you don’t care about. Social media makes it easy to compare what you’re doing with what everyone else is doing. If you aren’t careful you could end up setting goals for areas you don’t even care about. Thus, making it extremely difficult to accomplish them OR feel passionate about working toward them.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to take the time for quarterly goal setting. As someone who would rather be DOING than PLANNING, sitting down to write a list of goals was like pulling teeth. However, once I realized how important it was to have a clear direction I never stopped doing it.

Ok, now it’s time to actually do the dirty work of mapping out your Q2 goals!

Brain dump big picture goals
Do you want to book more sessions? Do you want to start creating client guides? Do you want to mentor other photographers? Make new presets? Start an email list? Write all your ideas down and don’t limit yourself here, this is the fun part!

Narrow it down
Take a look at your “dream list” and circle the ideas that you want to walk toward FIRST. What things are most important and make sense in your business right now? For example, if you want to mentor other photographers, it might be a good idea to start an email list first!

Make it attainable
Now that you’ve circled a goal to work toward it’s time to make sure the goal fits the window of time you’re working in. Of course, you can work toward the same goal next quarter, but having something you can check off the list come Q3 will without a doubt make you less overwhelmed and more likely to accomplish it.

Make a plan
There's a reason for the quote, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Once you have your attainable Q2 goal, make a checklist of objectives needed to accomplish it. What are the little tasks that will help you move the needle on the big goal? For example, if your goal is to start an email list then you’ll need to find an email provider, maybe draft emails for future use, or create social media posts to launch your list.

Setting a quarterly goals is not as scary as it seems. I’m confident that if you take the time to brainstorm your big goals, narrow them down, make them attainable and make a plan to achieve them you WILL find success!

Rest assured I will be cheering you on along the way!

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