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My Client Workflow Using HoneyBook

Ever hire someone and the product was great, but the experience was awful? The truth is, no matter how great the final product, the experience clients have throughout the process can make or break their attitude towards a business. Having an efficient system in place to take your clients from booking to completed service is so crucial. It's helpful for both you as a business owner, as well as for your client's overall experience.

Here are some ways that I elevate that experience for my clients in order for them to feel taken care of, informed and educated.


Onboard them in HoneyBook
I use my favorite business tool, HoneyBook, to bring in all of my paying clients. I add their information to my system, and send them a proposal with a contract and invoice so they can easily read, sign and pay all with a few clicks. Once they complete that, step one is done and they are officially put on my calendar!


Start their client workflow within HoneyBook
I’ve set up different kinds of workflows in HoneyBook for each type of client I serve (wedding, wedding with engagement session, couples session). Each workflow includes a combination of guides, questionnaires and emails. I just select which type of pre-designed workflow applies to each client, and watch HoneyBook do all the work. 

Want a guide walking you through my entire workflow with each type of client? Click here to download my free Client Workflow Roadmap.

Here's a little insight into one of my client workflows...
Wedding with Engagement Session:
- Once booked, client receives email thanking them for booking, plus a link to a “Getting To Know You Questionnaire”
- After that step is complete, they receive an email with an attached Wedding Handbook, full of tips for getting the best photos from their wedding day (you can use the same one I created for my clients HERE)
- Once we've scheduled their engagement session, they receive a Couples Session Handbook full of tips to prepare for their couples session (you can get your hands on that HERE)
- Two months before their wedding, they receive a Pre-Wedding Questionnaire gathering all the info I need to be prepared to shoot their wedding
This whole workflow is on an automated system so that I don't have to do anything in the process. The next step in the workflow is prompted by the completion of the previous step or at a designated date. It takes some work to set up, but once it's in place, it's a GAME CHANGER.
Snag all my email and questionnaire templates HERE.


After a shoot, I import, backup, cull, send sneak peaks, edit the full gallery, and deliver. This is a topic for another time, but if you're interested in learning more about that process, check out the Worfklow & Backup Course that covers everything about your file workflow from import to delivery. 


I mail my clients a thank you gift (I use BOXFOX) and send follow up email (part of their HoneyBook workflow) that includes a little questionnaire asking for their feedback and a public review. 

There you have it. My entire process from onboarding to completed service. Having a system full of templates and automation takes a ton off my to-do list, makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, and helps my clients feel taken care of and informed every step of the way so that I can best serve them.

For 50% off your first year of HoneyBook, click HERE.

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