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The Posing Course

Last time I talked about posing here on the blog, little did you all know that a whole course was coming your way soon!

The Posing Course is your ticket to capturing authentic moments and genuine connections.

You won’t just be getting a list of poses. In this course we’ll dive deep into your philosophy and goals, preparing clients for the session, making clients comfortable, capturing natural emotion, diversifying your mindset for different shoots, and so much more!

“Dawn Charles is a master educator. How she directs, teaches, and shares her experience and wisdom is so refreshing in the photography community, and the posing course completely blows away my expectations. As a visual learner, live examples of prompts and poses are so helpful for me, rather than just reading simple descriptions of a certain pose and how I should be able to achieve it. This course is like a mentorship session that you can watch over and over, and utilize in every session!” - Michelle Allan

One of my favorite aspects of this course is how you get to follow me around on TWO live portrait sessions, with my commentary. As Michelle touched on, each of us has different learning styles, and there are times when listening to me talk about my processes might not be enough. I believe taking you through those sessions firsthand will truly elevate your learning experience.

Another aspect I emphasized over the entirety of this course is the importance of knowing how to translate your knowledge to different situations. Each of your couples, events, and environments is going to have a different dynamic. I don’t just want to give you knowledge that will work in one environment, but in ALL environments.

We’ll touch on how to work with couples across the spectrum, whether they are stiff and nervous or ready for adventure. You’ll also learn how to translate this knowledge across every type of session. (I’m talking weddings, couples sessions, individuals, wedding parties, and families!)

Whatever your struggle is in the posing world, this course has your back.

There are two different ways you can get your hands on the posing course:

Purchase it now as an individual course here!


Join me over at Rise Academy, where every month you’ll receive a new course packed full of a variety of photography education. This is a monthly program, and not only will you get The Posing Course, but every course that has previously been released in the Academy!

The choice is yours, friend! I can’t wait to see the transformation you experience once you dive in.

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