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What Rise Students Are Saying about the Academy

Photographers, you weren't meant to run your business alone. You were created for community and deserve to have the support needed to grow and learn from fellow photographers, cheering you on.

I get it—it can be a lot to figure out at first. When I started my business, I struggled on my own for years before I found my footing. I felt overwhelmed by the financial and business side of my business and deep down stressed about whether I would capture moments well. I hid my true self and instead tried to appeal to everyone, which led to a watered-down brand that didn't quite feel like me.

Eventually, I said enough was enough. Instead of trying to figure it out on my own, I invited support. This allowed me to focus on the aspects of my photography business that I adored and led to me scaling my business to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

If you're ready to stop running your photography business alone and want to feel freedom, satisfaction, and excitement in your business, Rise Photo Academy is for you! This is my community for photographers who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. Members receive access to an ever-growing library of educational content, collaborative community of photographers, additional resources, and live coaching calls!

I am confident that this community will give you the education, resources, and support needed to grow your business, but don't just take it from me. Let's chat about if Rise is right for you AND celebrate some student wins along the way! Each of these students is a phenomenal photographer and human being who invested in themselves and saw results. I couldn't be more proud of them!

If you feel like your business is "just a hobby", and you're struggling to treat it like a business: "I am LOVING the Academy. I’ve already learned so much that has drastically improved my shooting and editing. Not to mention the client experience aspect. Oh! And taking my business more seriously as a business. " - Jessica

If you find camera settings complicated and confusing: "The course about camera settings really changed how I shoot. I feel so confident with my settings in multiple lighting situations including flash!" - Hannah

If you're curious about the content inside of the group: "Dawn brings the best of the best when it comes to education and topics to cover and presents all the information in an easy to follow process. I love being able to come back in and reference past content to brush up skills as well as the new content that's being added." - Mattie

If you're nervous about the time commitment for Rise: "Being a full time wedding photographer and wife my life is pretty busy, but with Rise I can learn on my own time and not feel behind because it's all waiting for me on my computer at my own leisure." - Billie

If investing in your business feels scary: "As a new photography business, I've really been investing in my own education. I have tried different courses and coaching along the way but have yet to come across anything like Rise. Rise has SO much to offer at any stage of photography." - Kimberly

If you're an intermediate photographer: "My favorite thing about Rise is it covers all the basics and goes more into depth which I love because I'm not a beginner but I don't have decades under my belt." - Abigail

If you'd love to master your editing: "The editing videos are so helpful and really walk you through what Lightroom can do and what each tool is capable of, which especially as a beginner photographer is incredibly helpful and oftentimes looked over—but even as an experienced photographer, it's never too late to learn it all!" - Kylie

If you're hesitant about the investment: "Dawn is a goddess of photography and everything related. She knows her crap as an educator, and I’m blown away by this academy. This is a GOLDMINE of education and the price is a freaking STEALLLL. Seriously, RUN DON’T WALK." - Evie

If you feel lonely and are looking for your photography friends: "I love being able to meet other photographers through the Facebook chat, I’ve met so many friends already!!! It feels so uniting." - Tyler

If you're interested in knowing what topics are covered in Rise: "I’m so impressed with how Dawn has addressed so many of the nitty-gritty details that us as photographers have to learn when we start our businesses. She’s covered everything from where to start and set up your business, finances, camera settings, marketing, pricing... The list just goes on. You won’t be disappointed." - Anni

How freaking amazing are they?! If these students helped convince you that Rise Photo Academy is where you belong, I'd love for you to join the community. You can sign up here, and I can't wait to celebrate your wins with you!

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