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Stuck On How To Pose Couples? Here's How To Get Unstuck and Capture Authentic Emotion

Does posing stress you out? Do you feel like you could use some guidance on how to better direct your couples and give your galleries more variety?

As photographers, we have the gift of capturing authentic emotions and moments for couples, and in order to do that well, mastering posing is a must. Don't worry—posing doesn't need to be complicated! Here are my best tips to help you feel more confident when it comes to directing your couples.

Incorporate movement.

Although photos are static, your subjects don't have to be! Movement is one of the best secrets of posing. Have your couples walk, twirl, rub noses, or sway. By giving them something to do, you'll be able to capture moments that seem more real and not just "posed"—because the best poses don't look posed!

Play music.

Your sessions should be fun for both you and your couples! If you are having fun, that energy will rub off on them, even if being in front of the camera doesn't come naturally for them. You can go above and beyond in your client experience by asking your couples for their favorite artists or genres and create a custom session playlist for them. Or, you can just have a go-to playlist that you use for sessions. Music reduces any awkwardness your couples may feel by being in the limelight and will encourage them to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Use prompts.

Does your mind go blank when you think of what poses to use? Do you wish you had a list of go-to poses that never felt boring or repetitive? Using prompts is going to change your life! Prompts are a win-win for everyone because they make your life easier as a photographer (knowing exactly how to communicate a pose), and it makes your couple's lives easier (having clear directions and knowing what to do).

Prompts should be specific, simple, and fun. They should capture candid emotion—not feel stiff and awkward. If you're looking for prompts that you can throw in your camera bag or have right on your phone and use so you never blank during a session again, The Posing Deck: Couples Edition is for you! For just $27, you'll receive 200 categorized prompt cards to help you direct your couples in a natural, effortless way. The deck contains 5 categories—Classic, Intimate, Dynamic, Playful, and Wedding. Each card is also organized by stance (ex. Walking, standing, running, etc.), and the deck includes a video teaching all my philosophies on posing and helping clients feel comfortable. ou truly can apply them to any type of couple you're working with! Shop The Posing Deck here!

Have fun!

When all else fails, have fun! If you're having fun, your couple will have fun. Capturing their love and emotion is much easier when they're laughing, smiling, and enjoying themselves. Don't be afraid to demonstrate poses yourself or tell them that they're adorable and the images look amazing. Get them excited to see the final images, because you know they're going to be beautiful!

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