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An Inside Look At DC Preset Collaboration Packs

I’m super excited to announce all of my collaboration preset packs are available in my shop!

I talk about my presets fairly often, but what I don’t talk about too much are the collaboration packs I’ve had the honor of building alongside other talented photographers. 

This post is meant to act as a resource for you to see some different preset styles and to shout out to some of the incredible photographers who have let me be a part of their preset design process.

For context, after I began releasing presets, I began getting inquiries from other photographers about creating presets that fit their unique styles to be sold to their unique audiences. Because I believe there is room for everyone in the photography world, this has been such a fun project for me to take on! 

Here is a little bit about each pack:

Alex Mari X Dawn Charles: The Editorial Pack

Alex has a style that truly stands the test of time. We worked together to build a preset that applies to every skin tone, background, environment, and lighting. With this pack, you can expect a combination of lush, true-to-life colors, rich tones, and milky-clean whites for a true editorial aesthetic. 

Emily Magers X Dawn Charles: The Redwood Pack

The Redwood pack was named with intention because of Emily’s nostalgic experiences in the beautiful forest. Together, we created these presets to feel like home. With the perfect warmth, depth, and moodiness these presets make every photo feel a little like home. If you’re after warm and cozy presets, these are for you!

Gina Paulson X Dawn Charles: The Pacific Presets

When Gina came to me with the idea for these presets, she wanted to make sure they would work for both cool and warm locations. From the warmest deserts to the coolest mountain stops, from the darkest send-offs to the brightest ceremonies, these presets are nimble and work as a great base for editing. 

Karra Leigh X Dawn Charles: The Effortless Pack

The name of these presets encompasses exactly what they are – effortless. Karra describes these presets as the end of a summer day on the beach, and I couldn’t agree with her more. With honey hues, this preset pack makes every photo feel like a golden hour. My favorite part about this pack is the subtle vintage and filmlike feel. 

Lauren Scotti X Dawn Charles: LSP Presets

Crisp whites, rich blacks, and everything you need to make your images look true to life. Out of all my collaboration packs, these presets feel the most natural. With just a touch of color and neutral highlights, these will bring everyday photos to life with that signature Lauren Scotti look.

Chelsea Reece X Dawn Charles Presets

If you like the best of creamy colors while still keeping your photos a little moody, these presets would be perfect for you. Chelsea was clear she wanted skin tones to be reflected accurately in these presets, and I think collaboratively we delivered. These are true to life presets that ad the perfect touch to any photos.

Nicola Dixon X Dawn Charles: The Balearic Inspired Preset Pack

Last but certainly not least, is my collaboration with Nicola Dixon. Inspired by her love for warm temperatures we created these presets to have brown hues as you would find on the streets of Mallorca, and subtle colors like you would see in a Mediterranean sunset. Buttery, soft, and timeless are the best words I can find to describe these beautiful edits.

I can’t forget to mention my signature presets, either – DC Desktop Preset Packs One, Two, Three and Four and my new Pack Five! If you’re looking for clean, versatile presets that give natural skin tones, creamy highlights, rich blacks, and lush greens, DC Presets could be a great fit for you. 

If you’d like your photos tested out in DC Presets specifically, you can join my Facebook Group where other community members often help one another test photos with their preset packs.

Happy editing, friends! I cannot wait to see which pack you end up with. There are so many to choose from, but they all make a vast difference in the editing process. 


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