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4 Steps to Building Your Portfolio

Something that ALL creatives, and photographers specifically are striving for:

Building your portfolio!

Whether you are just starting out in the photography world, or you’re wanting to branch into a new area of photography, building your portfolio is crucial! Potential clients will look at your past work to see if your style is what they’re looking for.

But what if you want to book clients that are completely different than your past work? Friends, it. is. possible... It just takes a little creativity!

First, shoot for family or friends! I don’t know about you, but I have a couple friends who were always down to jump in front of the camera for me to try out new things. Shooting with people you know 100% takes the pressure off and lets you focus on the creativity without the stress of your paying client. No embarrassing missteps, no awkward moments. Just you and models you already love!

Second, you have a MAJOR opportunity to utilize in the photography world. Have you ever participated in a styled shoot? If not, this is your time! Join a local photographer facebook group or community. Keep an eye out for other photographers in your area booking styled shoots and inviting other photographers! Oftentimes these shoots cost a little bit of cash to cover the expenses of the set, models, makeup artists, and props, but it’s a freaking awesome way to expand your portfolio. (And it’s also a great way to make connections in your community! You’ll get to meet so many other awesome creatives!) You can sign up for styled shoots near your home OR in a destination you want content from.

After that, there’s a HUGE step you cannot forget about in order to build your portfolio. It’s the simplest one, but likely the easiest to forget! You have to keep your website + social channels up to date! It doesn’t matter how many new images you have… if you aren’t advertising them, no one will know that you’re working on new things.

Last but certainly not least… Get excited about your new work! You might want to have content from various places with various scenarios, but you. will. get. there. You’re absolutely killing it, and this new portfolio is going to open up so many new doors. Just wait and see (& keep working hard)!

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