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Getting Annoyed With the Editing Process? Yep, You Aren’t Alone.

Does this sound familiar? Spending hours (and I mean HOURS) tweaking super small pieces of your images. Slaving over your portfolio trying to find some sort of consistency that also screams “this is me”!

+2 exposure… -3 highlights… export and load into your feed planner to see if it matches. (Spoiler alert, it sometimes doesn’t!) Then the cycle starts all over again.

If you’re feeling this struggle in your soul right now, you’re not alone! I started trying to find my style 13+ years ago when I took my first photography class. (Yes, you read that right...13 years).

If 13+ years in the game has taught me anything, it’s that this isn’t an easy process, but it has become easier over the years. When I started taking photos, presets weren’t that common. I was forced to figure all of this out on my own. You all are living the life now… there are presets on every corner of the internet!

The truth is, I finally found my editing style when I stopped comparing my galleries to others.

My photos used to be swayed by what I liked in the hottest trends. It was constantly changing. Ultimately, I am grateful for the time I spent figuring out the ins + outs of my editing process.

Consistency is key when building your portfolio, establishing a brand, and gaining reputability. If you feel like you’re still finding your style, that’s 100% ok! As creatives, we’re always shifting.

So if you’re determined to set off on your own and find your own photography style, you have absolutely got this. Be patient with yourself and the process. It takes time, energy, and a whole lot of creativity, but you WILL get there.

But if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, and you are ready to have a little help in finding your vibe, remember that there are a ton of other creatives who have gone before you. The reason we have our own presets and educational tools is because we’ve already taken a ride on the struggle bus… we’ve made the mistakes, and now we want to teach others so YOU don’t have to fall into the same traps we did.

Presets are to help you. They don’t take away from your skills as a photographer, they’re simply to save you time, help you perfect your style, and serve your clients!

Whatever route you choose to take, know that you’ve got this. Your photos will start to look more & more like you as time goes on. I promise!

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