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NEW DC Presets Updates & More

If we were giving out a “most improved award”, DC Presets would be covered in medals.

DC Presets for Lightroom, Mobile & LUTs just got a makeover, and in this blog we’re going over all of the updates and details that went into making these  presets even better than before.

For the last several months I have been taking a look back on DC Presets Packs and decided it was time each pack was updated to reflect software updates, a more timeless and style, and new editing educational resources.

I wanted to make the presets easier than ever to use while giving you the option to add your own flare to the edits by including multiple modifiers and style variation options (don’t worry, if you aren’t sure how to use modifiers, or aren't super familiar with the softwares, each pack comes with editing videos to help you with everything you need to know!).

Before I get too in the weeds on all of these preset updates, here’s a high level overview of what’s new in the DC Preset world:

  • DC Presets Packs One through Five have been updated. They now include 1 base color preset (maintaining the overall style and look of each pack, but updated to be more modern and versatile), 2 black and white presets, and 31 modifiers 
  • DC LUTs Packs One through Five have been updated to follow the same format and look as the Desktop Presets. We worked with the videographers of Viby Creative to make sure these are the best they can be for video. 
  • DC Mobile Packs One through Five have been updated with the new style to reflect the Desktop Presets. They include 10 color presets + 2 black and white presets.
  • DC Pack Five LUTs and Mobile Presets just launched with the new updates!

  • You might already be thinking, “what if I’ve purchased your presets in the past? Do I still get access to these updates?”

    And the answer is a resounding – YES!

    I want you to have access to even better presets than before so if you have already purchased a DC Preset Pack in the past you get full access to the updated version of the packs. The updated DC Preset Pack(s) you purchased should have been delivered to your email address that was used to place your order. (If you haven't seen an email about the update, reach out to us HERE and we'll make sure they get to you!)

    If you’ve never pulled the trigger on purchasing DC Presets, but you always find yourself on the website page hoping to find one that’s right for you, then you came across this blog at a perfect time. I just released this preset quiz where you can answer a few questions to find out which preset is a good fit for you (and even get a discount code at the end)!

    To give you an idea of just how much DC Presets have improved, HERE are some before and afters with each pack!

    I’ll be honest, my Desktop Presets usually steal the show when it comes to editing. BUT, that’s not to say that DC LUTs & DC Mobile aren’t showstoppers too. 

    If you are starting to see just how important quality video content is to clients, you may be dipping your toe into video content yourself. If so, I’ve never been more confident to recommend DC LUTs! I collaborated with Viby Creative to comb through the edits and make them an even better than ever before.

    LUTs Packs match the style seamlessly of the DC Preset Desktop Packs, which make them great resources for photo and video teams.

    Lastly, DC Preset Pack Five got some new additions. You all have been raving about Pack Five since I launched it last year, and since then I’ve added a few more modifiers, (and we’ve just launched this pack’s LUTs & mobile versions, which I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting!) If you thought Pack Five was the best before the updates, I know you’ll love it even more now.

    You can shop all of the updated DC Presets HERE.

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